Welcome to Canine Comfort Dog Daycare & Boarding!

Located just outside of Ithaca, NY, we offer daily daycare playtime for dogs of all ages. We also provide caring and attentive overnight boarding services for dogs who attend our daycare a minimum of one day a week.

It’s easy to sign up for daycare. Check out the Daycare page to learn more, then click on Starting Daycare.

Canine Comfort’s doggy clientele spend their day playing with other dogs in a secure, clean, and constantly supervised environment, either in our outdoor area of more than an acre, or in the roomy indoor playroom. Each dog receives individual attention, whether it’s providing extra rest time to the seniors or an extra meal for energetic puppies.

Take a look at our Services drop-down menu for more information about dog daycare and dog boarding with Canine Comfort. Contact us for more information!

Did you know? Canine Comfort now has 100% solar electric!
Installed by Renovus.

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