Fall Updates

Happy Autumn, Canine Comfort families! 
Please take a moment to read through a few updates and reminders below:
🍁 It’s Coat Season!
For those pups who wear a coat — As the weather gets colder, we ask that your dog arrives for daycare in the morning with their coat already on them.  Please make sure your dog’s name is clearly marked on the coat.  We can always remove it once it gets warmer outside.  We are happy to make a recommendation if you are looking to purchase a coat for your dog. 

🐕 Pee Zone Reminder
In an effort to keep the drop-off/pick-up area inside the gates clean and odor-free, please prevent your dog from urinating inside the front gate where you leash/un-leash them. Instead, please have your pup relieve themself at the red fire hydrant as they are coming/going from daycare. Thank you for helping us to keep this area clean and odor-free for everyone’s use. 

☎  Pick-up Routine in Cold Weather
During this time of the pandemic, all pick-ups will continue to be outside at the front gate. Our humans may be able to bundle up in the cold, however our technology cannot! Therefore, once the cold weather sets in, a member of our staff will no longer be stationary outside with our computer during pick-up time. We will instead be moving between the inside/outside areas during that time. If you have any questions about your account balance, requests to switch daycare days, boarding reservations, or any other questions –please give us a call at 607-273-4342. 

Thanks for reading. We hope you and your family enjoy the fall colors.

Ellie, Katrina, and the Canine Comfort Crew