Canine Comfort was established in 2001 with the goal of caring for our furry friends in a way that we would want to be cared for ourselves. The Daycare has been created with an atmosphere that is happy, friendly, stimulating, caring, and fun.

A place that feels like home.

Careful thought has been used in creating a fenced, outside dog yard with spaces of varying sizes:

  • A pool area for dogs to enjoy splashing around on warm summer days
  • A shaded area with a variety of dog furniture for dogs to slow down and have a leisurely rest
  • A spacious hill area containing a tunnel and plenty of balls used for play
  • A large grass area for dogs to play chase and also satisfy that back itch with a good roll in the grass
  • A tree area where dogs can take a break in the shade or lounge on the bridge
  • Aside from our grass area, pea stone uncut gravel covers the entire surface of the dog yard; like sand, it’s easier on a dog’s joints

Our inside space has also been created with dogs’ comfort in mind:

  • Rubber padded floors allow the dogs to get a better grip, and is easier on their joints while playing (It’s also a comfortable surface to catch a nap)
  • During the summer months, large industrial fans create a cool breeze throughout the entire facility
  • Although most pups enjoy being outside during all types of weather, it’s nice to warm up in our heated inside space during the winter
  • All dogs learn how to use the dog door in order to have free access to the indoors or outdoors
  • Cool, clean water is continually refreshed and available to all dogs throughout the day

Senior’s Club

Some of our older pups benefit from a quiet time together; that’s why our Senior’s Club was created. It’s a chance for our geriatric group to be able to interact amongst themselves in a slower paced environment for shorter periods of time throughout the day.